If you’ve reached this website, it means that you’re looking for language classes and you’ll most probably want to know who’s offering them too:

My name’s Catherine. French is my mother tongue, and I studied English and Spanish at university. Actually I also studied Catalan because I live in Catalonia.

I started teaching English and Spanish in 2002 and French in 2005, after completing a Master Degree in French as a Foreign Language. During all these years, I had the opportunity to work with learners of all ages, in private classes, in schools or in companies.

I’ve been living in Catalonia now for 8 years. This is why Catalan is also one of the languages I can share with you.

The idea of teaching online came from the curiosity I felt about this new way of teaching but also because I meet more and more people who don’t have the time to commit to a formal language course or people who need a personalized one.